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Adding multi-factor authentication to Lloyd's Syndicate system

Multi-factor authentication has become a key tool to ensure the security of modern, web-based systems. Many enterprises are moving away from user/password access. The implementation of new authentication mechanisms for existing systems...


Innovative database technology review for an Investment Company

Perspective were commissioned by an investment company to review a database technology developed by by an innovative start-up. The start-up had built a new database technology which has particular relevance in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning...


Data transformation project for one of the largest UK BPO companies

One of the largest UK BPO companies had been commissioned to help create a new insurance pool that provides flood cover for UK domestic properties. Part of the implementation required the aggregation and analysis of policy, claim and premium data for reinsurance...


Platform for handling ACORD standard bordereaux using web services

Many London Market companies operate large delegated portfolios via contracted agency companies. It is common for the agencies to return risk, premium and claim information to the London Market companies via spreadsheets and email. The management of this data...


Innovative Binder Management service for an insurance service company

Our client is a leading provider of services to the insurance industry. One of their services offered to the market is the collection, validation and reporting of bordereaux data for London Market insurance companies. The client had...


Data mining project for a Lloyd's Managing Agent to satisfy Lloyd's Brussels setup

Our client, a Lloyd's Managing Agent, were required by their regulators to provide information regarding historical policies written involving insureds based within the EU. This was part of the Brexit planning and setup..


Insurance platform resulting in reduced costs and ease of consolidated reporting

Our client, a long-established provider of services to the run-off insurance sector, had been operating a wide number of insurance portfolios on disparate systems, usually those that had been used for live underwriting. This was...


Collaboration platform for managing delegated underwriting

A Lloyd's syndicate was looking to implement a collaboration platform for managing their delegated authority arrangements. The underwriting partners had clear and unique requirements for oversight of their...


Content Management Technology review for a media company

A leading media production company had built their own content management system for storing and managing the production of various media types. The system had been maintained by a small, internal team. Whilst much of the system was created in modern and appropriate technology, the...


Data migration and legacy tech replacement project for a global insurance company

Our client, a global insurance management specialist, had purchased a large US insurance portfolio. The existing technology employed by the US business was outdated, expensive and poorly supported. The lack of a modern technology platform had led the US portfolio to employ arcane and...